Mom or Dad’s health and daily activities (bathing, walking, getting up, going to the bathroom) have deteriorated to the point moving to a nursing home has been recommended or considered.  Or perhaps Mom or Dad have dementia and need 24 hour in-home care.

Our Agency cares for over 125 seniors weekly. We provide short visits all the way to 24 hour in home care.   Below, we discuss the pros and cons of skilled nursing/memory care v. 24 hour in home care.


Skilled Nursing/Memory Care

24 hour in-home care

Emotional Impact Must move

Small room

Stay in their home (which is where 90% of seniors what to stay as long as possible)
Care Ratios 1 aide for 6-10/12 residents is very common. fully attendant 1:1 care
Monitoring NOT monitored 24 hour a day—if they need something, they must press a button and wait. If they get up, staff may not be present Someone is always for any situation and need.  Aides can be in the background, if needed.
Schedule Residents have to conform to the community schedule We follow their schedule for meals, etc.
Socialization & Activities Communities will have group (non-personalized) activities.  They can socialize with other residents if they and residents have cognitive and physical ability. Highly personalized activities geared solely on their needs.
Transportation Usually offered.  Typically must have aide go at extra cost unless family member transport. Can do wheelchair transports. Our aides can transport to doctor’s appointment, etc.  Can’t do full wheelchair (w/c) transports (ie have w/c vehicle)
Cost Nursing home–$9-12,000/mo

Memory Care–$6-8,000/mo


The bottom line.  With in-home 24 hour care, seniors get personalized, 1:1 care.  An aide is always there to monitor ambulation, transfers, continence. Activities and needs are highly personalized.  The major trade-off is cost which are higher on a monthly basis.

Call us at 913-422-1591 to discuss 24 hour care options.  Many times, we can provide care