About us

Improving the quality of life for the seniors and families we serve is more than a job; it’s a passion, an honor and a privilege

Our Story

Advocating for senior citizens is our life’s work as a senior care provider in Kansas City.  We listen in awe to the amazing stories and accomplishments of the great people we work with.  For us, providing physical and emotional support to improving the quality of life for the families we serve is more than a job. It’s a passion, an honor, and a privilege.

We are motivated by the genuine “thank you” notes we receive from our employees, who are grateful to us for the amazing people they have met.  For these employees, “work” doesn’t begin to describe their effort in a typical day.  It’s a vocation.

We believe you are never too old to dream.

Our Vision

At Benefits of Home, we think great home care reaches beyond the physical support we provide. For every family we serve, we commit each moment we are with your loved one to encourage success, self-gratification, and excitement for tomorrow. This is the true success of a senior home care provider in Kansas City.

This drives our success as a senior care provider in Kansas City.

The recipe for great home care is one dash of “Care” and two dashes of “Caring”. When both ingredients come together, the result is a life changing relationship”.

— Chris Fay Founder, Benefits of Home


Our History

Benefits of Home is a locally founded, family-owned senior home care provider in Kansas City that provides the highest quality in-home care services for the elderly. We are based in Lenexa, Kansas and currently have offices in Lenexa and Lawrence, Kansas.

Since our inception in January 2007, we have learned that exceptional home care extends well beyond the assistance our caregivers provide.  We feel that great care includes a constant focus on understanding the “unspoken” needs of the clients we serve.  These needs include showing the utmost respect, fostering a feeling of independence, and developing a sense of trust.  We focus on delivering these unspoken needs every day we spend with our clients.

At Benefits of Home, we ask our caregiver team to begin every day by asking, “What would I expect if this were my mom or dad?”

Better Life