Memory Care and Dementia Care

Dementia and Alzheimers Care

Specialized Care For A Special Disease

Memory Care, Dementia Care and Alzheimer’s care are not exclusively memory loss. Dementia impacts the entire brain. As a very complex brain function, memory is often affected. But dementia impacts how someone processes information, controls emotions, thinking, reactions, and responses. 

Memory Home Care, Dementia Home Care and In Home Alzheimer’s Care demand a specialized approach.

Our ability-based approach is based on Positive Approach to Care®. We provide dementia care at home based on “where dementia care clients are at ” with their disease using a specialized dementia care plan and approach v. a clinical-based (“what can’t they do”, what “stage” are they in) model. We help family members “shift focus” and help them to understand how the disease is impacting their loved one.

We employ several specialized memory care and dementia care resources to provide dementia care at home.

Dementia Focused Activities

We build a personalized activity plan and engage their motor, cognitive, social and sensory skills.

Types of activities include:

Productive: Give sense of value and contribution
Fun/Entertaining: Excite their senses
Self Care: ADL (Activities of Daily Living) they can do safely
Rest/Restoration: Ways to restore mind, body and spirit.

Dementia Resource Guide

This guide provides articles and videos on:

– Dementia background
– Care/Caregiver tips
– Dealing with challenging situations

Family Dementia Training

We realize you have lots of questions. We offer a free, 30 minute, one-on-one training with our Positive Approach to Care® Certified Independent Dementia Trainer. In person or Zoom—your choice.

The sessions goals are:

– Discuss your specific issues
– Discuss dementia basics and how they impact care
– Discuss care options
– Answer questions

Click here to set up your free session.

How Much Does it Cost

We offer our dementia resources for FREE with our services.

You can get a customized, free Memory Care Plan estimate with our Care Calculator. We offer short visits, overnights to 24×7 care.

Our in home dementia care is 1:1, fully attendant care, unlike assisted living and memory care communities where aide ratios can be as high as 15-30 residents to 1 aide. And your loved one gets to stay in their current home making assess and visits simple.

For the cost of high-end memory care, you could get upwards of 320 hours of care a month. Our care is privately paid or using long term care insurance, just like Assisted Living and Memory Care communities.

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