Dementia Education Guide

Dementia Education Guide

Understanding normal versus not normal aging

Video discussing what is “normal aging” (typically some loss of our very short-term working memory) and abnormal signs that may indicate dementia.

Teepa Snow from Positive Approach to Care gives an entertaining discussion and examples of normal and ‘not normal’ aging.

Vision changes with dementia

Dementia’s impact on vision can significant. Teepa Snow from Positive Approach to Care shows you exactly how vision is impacted and how those changes may affect someone with dementia.

5 Tips for Communicating Better When Dementia is involved

Communication gaps increase with dementia. Here are 5 tips to help you bridge the gap. As with all care, understanding you adjusting your approach is the key.

The Best Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Overview of four kinds of ability-based activities (value/purpose, fun, self-care, rest/restoration). These categories are the foundation of our Dementia Activities Care Plan.

Challenging behaviors with Dementia

This video challenges perceived “challenging behaviors” with people with dementia. Are you truly examining what is causing the behaviors? How do you experience what the person w/ dementia is experience vs. pushing your agenda.

Approaching Difficult Discussions

In this podcast, Teepa Snow discusses several approaches to having difficult discussions with people with dementia (ie stopping driving).

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