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Comparing In-Home Assistance Costs

With our home care cost calculator, we make it easy to compare in-home care cost v. alternatives such as assisted living, memory care, and skilled long term care.  Of course, your parent will be able to stay in their home v. going to a facility. AARP reports nearly all seniors want to do everything they can to stay in their home.  We can help them stay, SAFELY.

Another consideration–the level of attention to care they will receive in a facility.  We are TOTALLY focused on 1:1 care for your parent.   We are in their home to solely help THEM.  At a facility, they will get skilled care; however, a normal aide to resident ratio is 1:8.  Some facilities are higher.  They will ask for help, press the button, and have to wait. Your parent will be on the facility’s schedule for sleeping, dressing, bathing, and eating.  We provide immediate and attentive care whenever we are in the home.

Lastly, due to COVID-19, you will not be able to see your loved one in the near future.  Period.  COVID-19 has a very high elderly mortality rate and ALL skilled facilities are prohibiting family members from entering.  Many facilities lock-down for the flu many times a year regardless if we ever get a COVID vaccine so you potentially will always have some restrictions. Of course, if they are in their own home, you can visit with proper precautions.

Our easy-to-use, home care cost calculator builds a care plan with the right cost, right services at the right price for your loved one. .When reviewing your Care Plan estimate using our in-home Caregivers, it helps to compare to other options such as Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Long-Term Care. In addition to the Skilled Care cost, seniors will obviously have to move so it’s not just the cost to consider.

$4,500 – $5,500 / Monthly

$6,500 – $12,000 / Monthly

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