Understanding your needs

Mapping Tool

Whether you take advantage of a free consultation with our senior care experts, or you decide to outline your needs on your own, we recommend you create a Daily Map.  Use the mapping tool to walk through your loved one’s typical day and week.

To create your map, start at the time of “wake up” and walk through a typical day until “bedtime.”  Use the mapping tool to identify each daily activity, task, hobby, and routine. Don’t forget to consider overnight needs and weekly tasks such as taking trash cans to the curb.

Once you’ve outlined the activities that require a bit of extra assistance, you are ready to build a Customized Living Plan.

Build your plan

After using the mapping process to identify daily and weekly tasks that require extra assistance, you can begin to build your customized home care plan. Using the Daily Map as your guide, determine the days and amount of time you may need extra help.  

When a wellness check, medication reminder, or quick task is needed, utilize our “Quick Visit” program.  

If longer visits are needed, add them to your plan.  Be sure to estimate the number of hours you think each visit will need to last. You can add visits on a daily or weekly basis.

If overnight support is needed, consider which overnight option is best for your family.

NOTE:   We are happy to help you build a plan during our free consultation.

Compare your plan

Once you have built your plan, we are able to calculate an estimated monthly price.  This price can be compared to other assisted living and long-term care options.  

At the end of our process, your family will have all of the necessary tools to build a plan which:

  • Allows your loved one to live safely and successfully at home
  • Offers your loved one the best possible quality of life
  • Enables your family to effectively stay within your budget

Use our Cost Calculator