Why Choose Us?

Our Heritage

Benefits of Home is a family owned company founded here in Kansas City. As a local company, we focus our programs and solutions to meet the specific needs of Kansas City families. Unique programs such as our Shared Care program and our Wellness Advisor program are possible because we are not bound by the corporate structure of an out-of-state franchise.

Our Proven Results

We have 10 years of experience and a proven track record of making families and healthcare professionals raving fans of our company.

Our Commitment to Saving Families Money

We understand that home care is often an out-of-pocket expense. As a result, we spend extra time during the family consultation to listen carefully to your needs and offer suggestions that allow your family to get the best result while minimizing your out-of-pocket expense. We can also help you with a long-term financial comparison of home care versus assisted living options, so you’ll be confident you are using your resources wisely.

Our Expertise

As a well-established company, we employ some of the areas brightest healthcare professionals to help educate your family as we plan and deliver excellent care. Tracey, our Family Care Consultant, will help your family balance the three pillars of care planning (Quality of Life, Safety, and Finances) and develop a seamless, reliable, and affordable care plan. If needed, Jan, our staff RN, can help with care-related tips and suggestions.

Our Caregivers

We consistently us the phrase “a different job requires a different person” when we talk about hiring caregivers. We strongly believe that caring for someone in their home is a much different job than caring for someone in an assisted living or nursing facility environment. While many other companies hire staff using facility experience as an indicator of a good caregiver…we don’t. We believe that the characteristics of a great in-home caregiver are different than those of a facility-based caregiver. “Different job – requires different people”.